Recap: Boar AR 2014

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The Canyoneros and Cow Tipping Dwarfs are two teams that began their adventure racing careers here with Pangea and are really coming into their own.

Both teams began racing near the end of 2011 but have taken different paths to where they are today.

The Canyoneros started at the bottom of the Elite ranks learning the sport on the fly. They used each race to better their raw skills with the goal always being to slowly and step-by-step master the game.

Meanwhile the Cow Tipping Dwarfs roared into the Sport division quickly figuring out the rapid sprint style of the races. Before long they went from being one of the many teams to beat at any given race to the favorites going in.

With the Canyoneros steadily improving and the Dwarfs starting to get their feet wet in some Elite races, it was a matter of time before they went head to head atop the leaderboard.

The 2014 Boar AR offered a perfect storm for these teams meet on the podium.

The Canyoneros, a few weeks removed from the 72 hour Sea 2 Sea AR, ended up winning the race by 16 minutes. For the Boar AR they were joined by Dave Ashley who lent his vast experience to get them to the next level.

As you will read in their Race Report, the boys pushed harder than they ever knew they could to make up ground and finish strong.

The Cow Tipping Dwarfs stuck by their motto to "race their own race" and it nearly landed them the top spot.

For their Race Report, they did something new and compared their adventure directly with the team that bested them. Both teams' GPS data was overlaid and the split times from each leg are matched up to see how they compared.

It was a great race overall and we are glad that it was documented by both of these teams. In a sport like this there are so many little decisions and tired efforts that determine the standings but the only ones who know the real story are the racers. Providing a peak into their journeys is fun everyone.

2014 Boar AR:

Canyoneros Race Report:

Cow Tipping Dwarfs Race Report: 

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