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We get a lot of post race comments on Facebook about our races and some stand out as insightful or humorous.

Check out this quotable exchange from the 2013 Resolution AR comparing adventure racing to other similar events.


We posted this picture of the team Running On Empty at the pre race AR 101 meeting which initiated a funny exchange: 

Running On Empty - Resolution AR 2013

Chris Faircloth: Shouldn't you have a beer in your hand and be dressed in a tu-tu?

David Hill: No...those are mudder races. This is actually...well....a sport that requires endurance, and navigation skill. The others are..You actually described them accurately.

Chris Faircloth: They describe any race in New Orleans, including the Mardi Gras Marathon. Well, at least the tu-tus

David Hill: Tu-tus are certainly not prohibited, but I'm not sure how they would fare in a swamp or dense underbrush of thorns, cactus, and palmettos.

Tu-tus definitely are not prohibited and were seen as recently as the 2012 Luminescent AR. However, we enjoyed the imagery evoked from this exchange.

What we do often gets confused with obstacle racing and while we agree those events are a fun thing to do, there is a definite difference between them and adventure racing.

Keep your comments coming and we will continue to highlight them in this new little segment.

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