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We get a lot of post race comments after an event and some stand out as humorous or insightful. The Canyoneros raced at night for the first time at the 2012 Luminescent AR and learned a lot.

The team has been racing with us since the end of 2011 devouring any kind of information or experience in that time.

They also document their successes and failures on their blog after every race.

This quote comes from their report after the Luminescent AR in 2012 where the team learned a lot of things about racing at night the hard way. 

"We finished the race disappointed but having a great appreciation for night races.  It's like learning to navigate all over again.  The night brings upon so many new elements...mainly being blind to most things until you travel up close to it to confirm.  During the day time, you can confirm miles away, almost.  Learning how to navigate and race in the night is a necessary evil though.  We need this skill to improve in the longer, more adventurous 30hr to multi-day races.  It'll also make it much easier to race during the day."

You can read the rest of their report here

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