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-Staff Writer-

Another day to race; the thirteenth like day this year. Once in great while however, a day like many others takes on a higher meaning. An ample cast of adventurers adherent to the values of sportsmanship and comradery must do battle with each other as an entire season narrows down to a single focus.

The purpose of sport is not solely based upon winning despite what any overzealous mentor may scream in a motivational tone. With an honest pen, however, I write to you that it is inherently important to anyone who tries. The will to win and to continually excel ultimately endures the challenge of time because in victory, there is unrivaled pride and deserved joy.

The 2011 Turkey Burn AR is a celebration of sorts. A holiday gathering of like-minded individuals who seek a contest that tests the spirit and challenges the mind. These players would much sooner forge their own fate before they would lend it over to the beaten path.

And while it is just another race; the thirteenth one this year, the Turkey Burn is different than all of the rest. The Turkey Burn is a decider. The hand of judgement has been bestowed upon this single event to forever decide the champions of this calendar year.

Winning may not be everything, but the label of champion stokes the fire of passion in all who compete. It epitomizes poise and performance in a time for purpose; a time for achievement; a time for glory.

"The Autumn Wind"
(AR Edition)

"The Autumn Wind is an athlete
Barely disrupting a tree
With a map and compass he blazes trails
Racing diligently

He may be of humble build
But his pedals revolve in a flash
As one with his bike he protects his head
Though he knows he will never crash

A thunderous growl is heard by none
With every paddle stroke in
Human propelled, his boat skims by
Before the day has awoken

The Autumn Wind is and Adventure Racer
Navigating just for fun
He'll Sweat. He'll Bleed. He'll find his way
And laugh when he's conquered and done."

Premier: First in status or importance; principal or chief.

By definition, the Premier Division emobodies our ideal model of adventure racing. A complete team who must rely on each other and put up with each other in times of triumph and in times of anguish. The roster of five teams who comprise this year's premier runoff know each other all too well. They have raced against each other, raced with each other, and no doubt will race to beat each other.

The 2-headed monster of Florida continually furnishes their teams with Xtremely dangerous combinations. But a they can't help but take notice when the stealth felines from down south Paw their way up north to leave the field Green with envy. Yet sometimes the strongest asset a team can have is the survival Instincts of our Primal ancestors. But in the end, when the Calls of Nature ring loudest of all, there is one team that can answer like no other.

Open: Accessible to all; unrestricted as to participants.

By definition, the Open Division embodies our ideal spirit of adventure racing. Welcoming to all and excluding to none. The roster of six teams that make up this year's open playoff are a combination of the experienced and the up and coming. By now there are no strangers in this mix.

A duo of self-described Mutants adorn their Utility belts each race with wonder if it's the day they stand proud. One team seems confident they know what they are racing For, but may find out It is more Fun to win it all. The Rub of Some elite competition may raise the game of our rough and Dirty fighters. Or the right Choice might be to go with our resident Ecotypes. And if you hear THE CHOPPERs are on their way, look out because one team has already proven they can GET TO it first. Yet this could be the day that We finally can't pass the Blame off on a mysterious figure, but rather give all the credit to an icon named Javan.

Spoiler: a person who robs or ravages; despoiler; plunderer.

Despite the negative connotation, spoilers are what make adventure racing great. They are the wildcards with nothing to lose. Although they don't qualify to be champions for the 2011 season, on that day they are racing for the same pride of winning against the same level of competition.

If a certain team can stay OnPoint they are always capable of an epic Odyssey. One band of AR Junkies has proven time and time again they can Punch the controls faster than anyone. But if all the CPs our found by this team, they may be Bound to break through. Or a couple of new Canyoneros could choose to own the road and the water. One pair of vets are no stranger to Finishing the day in the award Photo. And 4 the Sake of conversation, a Dad's love may be Good'Nuff motivation. But what a magical moment it would be if fatherly guidance to a young Hunter turns our skilled predators into prey.

And an unknown team named Platypussinboots has already spoiled this reach of artistic license so it wouldn't be a stretch to think they are some sort of awesome team or something.

The 2011 Turkey Burn AR will be a celebration. Not only for the teams crowned champions, but also for Pangea itself. The Turkey Burn is a celebration of another year that we've grown and provided an outlet for a great group of people to do something that they love doing. And at the end of the day, everyone will take the joy of competing home with them like always. 

However, nobody dreams about losing. Nobody rests their head at night imagining how great second place would feel. For these elite teams, the stakes will be raised just a tiny bit more on that day. And that day will prove to be a little bit different than all of the others. 

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Comment by Manny Otero | November 23, 2011

That was one of the coolest articles I've ever read!

Comment by Carolyn of primal | November 25, 2011

How FUNNY!!! I am stoked for tomorrows race!

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