Canyoneros Take First Overall at 2014 LighterKnot AR

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The Canyoneros debuted at the LighterKnot AR 2011. Three years later they pulled off their first true win at the LighterKnot AR 2014.

Starting from the bottom, it's been a long learning journey. Thankfully they have been documenting the whole ride on the team blog.

Take a trip through time and read about the 2011 Canyoneros as they get hooked on adventure racing while finishing at the bottom. Then travel to the present as they sit atop the standings. Once thing remains the same; cramps.

Pangea Adventure Racing: Canyoneros 2011
17th Place
Pangea Adventure Racing: Canyoneros 2014
1st Place

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Comment by Yunee | November 26, 2014


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