Guide to Pangea Sport Races

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Pangea's Sport Division has made adventure racing accessible to more and more people. While some hardcore adventurers don't like to race for less than 12 hours, our short sprint races have really resonated with a large audience who are tired of running in a straight line.

In our AR 101 section we have posted several articles about what it's like for the first timer. But since you really can't know until you go, we figure the more information the better.

If you are new to the game, Ron Eaglin has posted many helpful articles in the past. He is here to help us out again with what he calls the Guide to Your First Pangea Adventure Race posted on his blog. It reads as a very basic look at what to expect when you show up for your first sprint race.

Follow that link to Ron's blog and stick around if you have the time because overall it is one of the most comprehensive sites recapping the sport that is out there.

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