About Point Series

The Pangea Adventure Racing Point Series is a competition that involves Elite Adventure Races spread throughout the calender year.

When Elite teams register for a race, they are prompted to decide whether to enter the Premier Division (3 or 4 person co-ed) or Open Division for that race. Teams simply participate in Elite races of their choosing throughout the year with the goal of accumulating at least 60 total points in order to qualify for the grand finale race, the Turkey Burn AR after Thanksgiving.

All Point Series teams competing in the Turkey Burn AR start on equal ground within their Division. The Premier team and Open team that rank highest in the final standings of the playoff race win their respective Division for the season. (Teams not in the Points Series may still compete in the Turkey Burn AR, however are not eligible for any Series awards.)

Premier vs. Open Division

The Premier Division is reserved for 3 & 4 person co-ed teams only. The Open Division is for teams that do not meet these requirements. Points are not transferable between Divisions, but it is possible for a team to accumulate points in each division depending on team makeup throughout the season.


  1. If your team will occasionally be a 3-person co-ed team but you're not sure you can complete all of your races plus the Turkey Burn as a 3-person co-ed team, choose the Open Division.
  2. It is possible to accumulate 60 points by racing in the Premier Division and another 60 points by racing in the Open Division, then race a team in each division at the Turkey Burn AR.


Each race on the calender is assigned a point system. This system calculates team points based on their ranking within their division (Premier or Open) at a qualifying race. Current standings can always be found on the Point Series page.

For most races, the scoring goes: 1st place: 20 points, 2nd place: 19 points, 3rd place: 18 points, 4th place: 17 points, and so on….down to 15th place: 6 points. All teams 16th place and down will receive 5 points each for officially completing the full course+.

Some of the bigger events are weighted to a different scale. Races over 10 hours up to 30 hours are scored double. Races over 30 hours are scored triple. That means the winners of the 72 hour Sea 2 Sea AR will automatically qualify for the championship race.

6-10 Hours: Standard (20 - 5 point range)
11-30 Hours: Doubled (40 - 10 point range)
31-72 Hours: Tripled (60 - 20 point range)
*Pangea Adventure Racing, Inc. reserves the right to alter or change rules as necessary to ensure fair outcome in the spirit that it is intended.


+Official completion of the full course will not occur if the team score shows UF = unofficial,  OT = overtime, DQ = disqualified.