BOAR AR 2013 Recap (Videos)

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The BOAR AR charged through Christmas, FL again in 2013 and we have the race reports to prove it! Not that you were doubting us but none the less here are our alibis as told by our reputable racers.


In lieu of a written report, our 2013 BOAR AR champions, Nature Calls, put together an awesome video detailing their triumphant travel.

The team was far and away the best on this day and this video is a good showcase for adventure racing in general. They never followed anyone, chose their own routes, and raced their own race. Congrats again on your first place finish guys.


Not Lost, Just Resting is a coming together of Dave and Ron; two smart veteran adventure racers. Ron and a different Dave were the only racers from February's Sea 2 Sea AR to get back in the game so quick (Although John and Craig made the same trip with about the same amount of sleep).

In their Race Report, Ron describes two strategic portages that paid off during the paddle. Portaging can always be a gamble but that's part of racing. Here is video from second and hardest of the two.

The team cleared the course but suffered a time penalty. Either way they stood alone in second place on a very challenging day.


The Canyoneros have been racing Elite since they first walked through the doors here at Pangea and on Saturday they hit the podium for the first time with a strong third place showing.

It wasn't without incident however, as the team encountered a spirited beast that gave them quite a scare. Not to worry though, the cowardly cow retreated once she realized the Canyoneros were competing.

You can read all about their fine performance in their official Race Report. Good job guys.

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