Pangea Adventure Racing Photos

Sport Teams - Myakka Mud Slide AR 2012

April 1, 2012

Sport Team photos from the 2012 Myakka Mud Slide AR. Full gallery also on Flickr & Facebook
2 Lucy's and a Map
Bad News Bears
BC Messin' with Sasquatch
Dark Horses
Dawgs and Gators
Diaz Reus DiRT
Dirty Birds
Does This Look Infected
Extreme Dream
Family Haulers
Griswalds get muddy
I thought this was a 5k
Lost Mammas
Marital Stress Test
Myakka Vice
Neanderthal Racing
Nunchuck Ninjaz
Over the hill and picking up speed
Roid Rangers
Santa Monica
Solo Birch
Soscia Savages
Team Tiger Creek
Where's the Beer CP
Will Race for Beer

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