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To the Racers,
We're sure some of you are sick of us by now but we want to say one last thank you to everyone that was involved in this year's Sea 2 Sea AR. Sorry this is so wordy but hopefully you make it all the way to the end.
We enjoy helping this off-beat yet arresting sport grow as much as possible. We are far from perfect but since the beginning we have taken every hit on the chin and asked for more like Rocky standing in the same ring with Apollo Creed. Who knows where the road ends but just like all of you, we are willing to take it all the way just to see.

The race this year was full of excitement and intrigue and we want to start off by saying....Sorry Layer 3! We can't believe for a second straight year your gear was missing at an important part of the race. No one was to blame it was just an unfortunate mistake. All the bins would have been on the ground had the rain not been falling and our U-haul drivers were trying to keep them as dry as possible. I guess they kept you in the first trip because they are so used to you being among the quickest. We are determined to get it right even if we have to give your gear a personal body guard next time. You guys deserve the best.

As for the leaderboard, congrats to Checkpoint Zero for racing it all the way and getting rewarded with a surprise victory. You guys were on the short stick of our mistakes as well and it would have been easy to write it off and blame us for not winning. But you (and everyone else) showed a lot of class bouncing back and continuing on. Rev3/MK and Florida Xtreme/ US Air Force did a hell of a job and sadly came up one CP short at the end. We really feel for you but at the same time don't forget how awesome you really did this time.

Endeavor Racing represented Florida incredibly. Nobody was out there longer and they deserve all the credit. Perpetual Motion were like silent assassins just going about their business.,etc. provided us with great humor mixed with professionalism. It's always great to see the defending champs, Odyssey Adventure Racing, but their biggest mistake was not showing the cop that pulled them over for reckless-riding their official Adventure Racer License cards!

CP Bound is really coming on in the Florida scene and this race solidifies them as real contenders in our minds. We can't believe Tamara from Cumberland Trail Connection decided to spend her birthday/valentine's day with us but her and the team were so cool. Two thirds of the Blue Ridge Adventure Team returned from last year and we look forward to seeing them over and over.

One of our volunteer's husband was driving through the area on Friday and saw some tough looking guys in full-camo wandering around on the side of the road. He called her to see if everything was OK and she informed him not to worry, it was just the Fat Boys. What more can we say about Trinidad and Tobago than: bring some gear next time! EPW embodies the spirit of fun on the course. Arboc was always the talk of our downtime with speculation of the meaning behind the name. 

The Rambling Rovers had not picked up a map and compass ever until a few weeks prior. That is really jumping into the deep end. Team TPC were the most friendly bunch of guys at a transition no matter what time of day or night. And we know the members of Team RPA can move with anyone they just need someone that wants to hold the map!

It pains us to see both Florida Xtreme Honey Stinger & Gramicci sitting at the bottom of the list. We probably wouldn't be a company today without the support of these people and it took legitimate visits to the hospital to knock out their members. The remaining teammates soldiered on and honestly, Erik, stay safe on that foot. We want you around for years to come even if it means you take the time to recover now. And Mark, if this is truly your last time, your past performances easily speak for themselves.

All of our volunteers have been on the other side of the table. Besides ensuring quick and quality results, Leigh has really been the rock of this company for a while now. Kevin & Susan have been a god-send and nobody loves supporting racers more than them. Tanya, who brought in Rebecca, is known for her and her husband's unbelievable team photos and knowledge of unique lands. Nicci is the one you want to get the maps from because she knows all the good info. And when she had to leave, Jeanette filled right in during the darkest hours.

Can't think of better U-haul Drivers/Gear Junkies than John & Craig Sheriff. They are like personal valets across the state. The first time we met Alex he amazingly tied Endeavor for first place at the 2012 BOAR AR. He can also back-up a canoe trailer straight while it's attached to a beastly U-haul.

Allen popped in and out as much as he could and was willing to do anything at a moments notice if called in. Joanne supported the volunteers as much as the racers. And George got to see his son go from sea to sea while being our fly on the wall to document the imagery of the event.

Greg's son Drew is still in high school and he can be trusted to do things we wouldn't ask of most adults. Kevin, well he is writing this letter and already has a high opinion of himself so we'll stop there. And don't forget our superstars who helped design, set, and retrieve the course. You racers didn't get to see them but they made an immeasurable impact.

At the end of the day we have our own Florida crowd that we know well and call friends. Come join us whenever. We do this once a month and have countless friends of different skill level and different walks of life. And that is because we are strange. We want to bike to a State Park on a Friday afternoon to take advantage of the sunlight before a cold night. We share gear and clothing when someone is in need. We pee outside and change clothes in the back of a truck. We love adventure racing and everyone who loves it as well.

We leave you with a time capsule. April 17, 2010 at the Nocatee Conquest AR. First place went to a little team known as Appalchian AR comprised of Peter Jolles (CP0), Jennifer Moos (Odyssey), Mark Bolyard (Layer 3) and Russ Marshall (Perpetual Motion).

And if you made it this far in the letter, you truly are an expedition reader.

Appalchian AR
Happy Trails!

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