PGB - St. Johns River Cleanup

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Pangea Gives Back (PGB) returns immediatley following the Superhero AR on September 28th for a cleanup effort along the St. Johns River at Blue Springs State Park.
This is a great way to help keep this beautiful river clean but it also gives you an opportunity to get some paddling in. That's because we aren't walking the banks collecting trash we are taking the boats!
The event is open to the public and we are willing to hand out some lessons on basic paddling techniques to those who are interested. The meeting spot is right near where the Superhero AR will take place just prior. So if you were wondering what a Pangea race was like c'mon by early and watch the show. And for those racers who have some energy left to help you're invited too.
This event is FREE except for the park entrance fee. Participants will recieve a St. Johns River Cleanup t-shirt and a reusable shopping bag. Pangea will provide canoes, paddles, and life vests to all who are interested. If you want to ensure that we will have a boat waiting for you, email us to reserve your spot.
The fun starts at 16:00 and should last for about two hours. The Meet up will be near the Canoe Concessionaire insdie the park. Please wear comfortable clothing.
Volusia County has been doing an annual river cleanup for 17 years. In 2013, 500 volunteers collected over 4-tons of debris from 59 miles of river. Some of the unusual items removed include a jet ski, tea pot, bicycle and camcorder.

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