Update: Pangea Adventure Racing takes over Atomic AR

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(Please note that all details are now released and registration is open. Goto the Atomic race page to read all about it).

The much talked about Atomic AR gathered some of the greatest talent in this sport to the mountains of Georgia for the past three years and became a full-time job in the process.

That is why the reins have been passed to a full-time race producer with an impressive track record in Pangea Adventure Racing for May 2012 and beyond.

Race founders, 4LPH4 1337, announced in late July plans to pass the torch to Pangea and at the same time expressed their mixed emotions about it.

"Directing the Atomic Adventure Race has become a full-time challenge" said Josh Forester one of the race founders. "We felt it was in the best interest of the race to find a company with the resources to carry on the legacy that is the Atomic, and Pangea is quite clearly the best-equipped suitor for the job."

Spearheading the changeover effort was Jeff Leininger of Florida Xtreme.

"Florida Xtreme had several conversations with the Atomic directors after they announced that the race would not be coming back in 2012," Jeff said. "We have always supported Pangea and felt this would be a great opportunity for them to advance into Georgia with a race that is well known."

From there Jeff worked a deal keeping the founders' race alive while moving it under the Pangea banner. Florida Xtreme will play a major role in the Atomic as they are planning, designing and helping run the event.

"We are beyond excited to put on this race," said Pangea founder Greg Owens. "We know first hand how much work a race like this takes and we are happy our trusted friends at Florida Xtreme are taking charge."

Besides bringing in the fun and unique atmosphere of Pangea events, the race will also live up to Pangea's accurate and no-nonsense race experience.

"The race will be straightforward without any games or extra challenges," said Owens. "We feel if given a properly marked map and a great course, then the teams can truly decide who is the best on their own."

Another Pangea convention added to the event is a sport level race. Aside from the 30 hour elite challenge, there will also be a five (5) hour race for novice teams that still wish to be part of the excitement.

"Our sport races bring out newcomers and some really good teams who are finding their way towards elite status," said Owens. "We feel it makes adventure racing more inclusive and exposes what our elite teams can really do to a wider audience."

Scheduled for May 12, 2012, The Atomic will be the first time Pangea extends outside of Florida. It is also a cornerstone of their expanded calendar for 2012 which includes a new 72 hour coast to coast race, the Sunshine Sea to Sea in February.

As for the founders of the Atomic, the glass is still half full about the race they created.

"Naturally, we are sad to no longer produce it; but on the other hand, really pumped that we'll finally be able to race it! See you there in 2012!"

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Comment by ben culbertson | April 3, 2012

Catching some heat for the race being on Mothers day!

Comment by Pangea Adventure Racing | April 3, 2012

Bring her along! The area is beautiful and spectator friendly.

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