A Year with the Punks

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Out of Steam Punks celebrated their one-year aniversary with Pangea at the 2012 LighterKnot AR and have provided a fun recap of their fifth place finish.
It has been great seeing Dave and Patti at the races this past year. We know Patti used us as motivation to get in better shape and spend more time outdoors and we are happy she did.
Not only do they compete but they always bring a fun attitude with them as well which comes through in their race recap. Here is the first portion of their report and the rest can be read here. We suggest any fan of adventure racing checks it out.
The Lighterknot, held in Palm Coast October 20, 2012, marked a full year of our doing Pangea Adventure Races. Something about this place is lucky for us, I guess. I do credit the fact that despite the lowest of low expectations (for ourselves) we managed to clear the course last year. Which really inspired us to keep at it. Dave admits that he went into the first one just wanting to appease me. However when he realized how fun it was and that we actually had a shot at being competitive, oh and that the people are awesome, he was hooked. And by competitive I mean not coming in the bottom 1/3 ALL the time. Not, ya know, actually winning. The fact that ARs are as much about the brains as the brawn is what makes it so attractive to us. We're never gonna top ten at a 5K or triathlon or even the obstacle races. We're just not, nor I think ever going to be, that fit/fast. But Dave is better than your average schmo at navigation due to his aviation background, so with his skills and our ever increasing level of fitness, we can actually have finishes we can be proud of.
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The Punks exemplify why we enjoy putting on these races. Aside from providing a challenge that actually mixes brains with brawn, we also want to provide a cool atmosphere for everyone to have fun and chat with each other about what they did right and wrong out on the course. Also they always get creative for their team picture which is something we love.
Congrats on a year of racing and all of the hard work you have made to alter your lives. We look forward to seeing you for years to come.

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Comment by Lauren Glasco | November 5, 2012

Way to go Patti and Dave! You inspire me!! Keep it up!!!

Comment by Patti Fuchs | November 20, 2012

Aaaw, thanks guys!! You dang near just made me cry!

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