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November 23, 2011
I am an elite adventure racer from Sweden who will go on vacation to Florida December 31-January 14. I found that Resolution AR will be held on 14 January and it would be really fun to try out an adventure race in the United States. For once, the most important thing is not to win the race but to have fun and experience the sport in the United States. Unfortunately I will not have with me my mountain bike so I will have a need to rent or borrow a bike. I mastered orienteering, running, kayaking, canoeing and cycling. SPORT (3 Hour) or ELITE (8 Hour) does not matter. If I understood correctly, the classes will finish at the same time.

Hope someone thinks it would be fun to be tired together with a Swede!
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December 11, 2011
Hi Richard,

I've run 5 sport races (3 solo and 2 with a teammate) and would be interested in racing the Resolution AR with you.

I run these for the challenge, and to have fun in the park. I'm good on canoe and weakness is the Trek. I can't always run the entire trek portion...but I do my best.

So if you are willing to run the Sports race...and just have fun, then let's give it a try!

Maria Brooks
(Team name: Blrmdncr)
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January 8, 2012
We would love to have you as a teammate. We are three guys, one in the forties, and two in the fifties who race in the sport division. One of our usual teammates is out for this race. Although we are older we have medalled in the last three races (two thirds and a second). More importantly we drink lots of beer after the race. Our map guy is out for this race so we are concentrating on having a good time instead of winning. As for the mountain bike, they can be rented. Our old bikes are not appropriate for the sand.
We have already registered for the race so we will need to add you if you are interested. I suspect you would need to pay the late registration fee.
Our team name is BearBait 1. I am Dennis, the team captain.
Let us know if you are interested in joining our team, I guarantee you will have a good time.