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November 15, 2013

Thinking about doing the Epic Sea to Sea. I have never done a multi day race before and am looking for some logistical guidance on this particular race.

I would be in a non competitive team that just finishing would be a uber win. I know specifics can't be given about the future race, and all races are different, I just would like to have some idea what to expect.

1.) Water - Do I need to bring water purification equipment? Will there be water in the transition areas? Will there be enough tranistions areas that are spaced apart so that fresh water will always be available?

2.) Race Bins - How often do we see these bins durring the race?

3.) Sleeping - I know the "answer" is going to be sleep when you want, but I'm looking for the "average" teams answer. No sleep, sleep a couple hours a night, cat naps? I know that all are options, but what do other teams do?

4.) Race Length - I have a Full Race length given in The Sea to Sea HQ. What percentage of that could be bypassed just to get to the finish. My teammate is very concerned about not being able to finish.

5.) What Don't I know? - I have been on several 24 hour races and recently the 18 hour Nocturnal in FL. What can I expect different from a 24 hour race from a multi day race? What is the first situation where I'm going to go "DOH!" and think, "well, I should have thought of that before the start"

Ed Parks
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November 16, 2013
Hi Ed,

I did the inaugural edition 2 years ago with less experience going in than you have. 12 was my longest race going into it.

I cannot say it clearly enough: it was a great experience! Get your team together and go for it!

1) there was water at TA's so we did not have to make our own water on the fly. I had a filter in my gear box but it stayed in the box the entire time.

2) frequently. At least every 12 hours, typically more often than that, so we did not need to carry a lot of extra gear on us.

3) winning team slept about 20 minutes. We stopped for 90-120 minutes each of the first two night and then went down for almost 4 hours the last night. That said, we probably slept more than most teams and were still pretty goofy due to sleep depravation by the end. one surprise: I actually had trouble falling asleep when we stopped.

4) I am not sure about total distance, but we opted to entirely skip several legs in order to just get to the finish. If this years's is anything like the first one, you will be able to follow similar strategy. We got passed by the team who eventually finish 3rd on several occasions as we got ahead of them on course by skipping section and controls and they caught us by, well, being a.lot faster.

5) 72 hours is really really long. Lack of sleep will make you dumb and and emotional mess. Chaffing really sucks.

Anyway, like I said, I had a great experience and will be back in the race this year. Hopefully I see you there!

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November 20, 2013
Hi Ed, Bill summed it up nicely.
1) Doubtful you will run out of water before reaching a TA with cooler Feb weather.
2) Should see team bins about 4 to 6 times.
3) Sleep, very little if any for lead teams, 2hrs or little more on average for remainder of teams.
4) Visit one foot, one boat & one bike control then notify race staff your headed to end and we will officially rank ya when you get there. We have a great course make that call to skip forward as needed, there are many options.
5) Agree with Bill. Sleep deprivation can be a crazy trip, hang on. Food have a variation as eating the same food 3 days in a row gets old fast.
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December 17, 2013
"how to sleep" is always a great topic. Make sure your team has a plan and you try to stick to the plan as much as possible. Our sleep window this year won't open up until about 40 hrs in, though we might take some micro naps as needed. We were in the 90-120 min range for the whole race last year. We try to sleep in 15 min increments, if you go down for more than an hr, you'll trigger some physiological things that will make it tough to get going afterwards. We also try to sleep in the hour before dawn. When the sun rises your body naturally begins to wake up and you'll feel quite refreshed even after such a short time.

The key, don't let the race be the first time to run through your plan with your team and ideally, you've experimented a bit beforehand.

Good luck!
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December 18, 2013
Totally agree.
We try to sleep in 15 min increments, if you go down for more than an hr, you'll trigger some physiological things that will make it tough to get going afterwards.
Agree 30 min's or so lay down in woods just prior to sunrise and let the sun get you going. Longer sleeps tend to be hard to wake up from and get going.