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April 22, 2013
Canyoneros are running with 6 strong at this event, across two teams of three each. If possible, we prefer to have two-man canoes in rapids, so can we have 3 canoes among all of us?
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May 4, 2013
Great question: Many what if's come to mind. Easiest solution would be to form a 4 person and 2 person team and all is solved. Does this work?

A couple of weeks back we did the elite paddle portion, more casual than racing and disappointingly did capsize. Our error was we continued downstream after taking on much water verses going to shore to empty.

Note to racers: Secure all gear in canoe prior to starting paddle.

Looked like a "atomic blast" had occurred. Lucky after righting and emptying canoe of water we were able to retrieve 100% of the floating debris downstream. Kinda funny, "stupid" looking back though the conversation at the time was less than pleasant.