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December 15, 2011
Q & A : Ask your questions here. We know you always have lots of them. Here are a few we keep getting:

Q: Can we really do a 72 hour race. We know we will never win, however we want to get all of the way across on our own.

A: from S2S update: “It's gonna be a course where even if someone hasn't done an expedition race before they will still be able to complete it," said Owens. "They may not visit all the checkpoints, but they will get all the way across the state on their own power”

It will be a typical Pangea event where each CP is worth one point and the standings are based first on amount of CPs and then by time. There will be several transition 'hubs' that will act as the start/finish for many disciplines. So slower teams will have different options to keep moving across the state.

Q: "What kind of bike will be needed"

A: Mountain Bike preferred. Much travel on paved roads with routes including hard packed roads, grass covered trails, bike single track, potential for portions of sugar sand or other trail conditions found in Florida.

Q: Can you provide more insight regarding team bins and duffle.

A1: Gear Box "Maximum 35 gallon bin for every 1 racer." This should be used for all food, clothing and gear you needed for event.

A2: "Two additional bag/duffles allowed to transport team paddling gear and bike gear. Teams are allowed to provide their own paddles and life vest if desired. 1 bag will be used to transport team paddling gear and 1 for team bike shoes, helmets, etc. Please have means to clearly identify Gear Bins and Bag/Duffles.

Q: Maps: What scale maps will be provided? May teams use maps not provided by the organizers?

A: Maps will have varying scales though 1:24:00 would be included. No plotting required as points will be premarked. Yes your welcome to provide your own maps.

Q: Paddling: Info says we can bring our own paddles. Can we bring our own PFD’s? What can we put in the paddle duffle? Paddles, pfd’s, paddling gloves/other clothing for paddle sections, canoe seat?

A: We're not interested in being prohibitive on desired gear for teams. However, there is a limit to what might be reasonable for us to transport. Duffle should be used to carry paddle's, life vest (we are providing standard canoe paddles & life vests) limited amount of other gear is desired.

Q: Will the team be assigned a particular boat that will be ours throughout the race? So that seat, thwart-mounted compass, etc may be left on the boat?

A: Teams will not be assigned a particular boat so center seat, if not using ones we provide, will need to be transported in duffle. (We will not provide center seats).

Q: Bike: We ride with tow rigs attached. Will we be able to leave them on the bikes when not riding, and will organizers move bikes with tow rigs attached?

A: Tow rig's are fine with bikes as long as they don't protrude more than 4" beyond rear tire.

Q: I’ve been thinking about racing, but have a couple of concerns. First, I don’t have anyone to race with and second, I’ve never raced at night or over 6 hours. Can you at least tell me how long the distance would be if we took the shortest route possible (and didn’t get lost)?

A: Overall course is well over 320k. Generally most teams that do expedition races tend to go with others they have raced with or familiar with their past experience. Sleep deprivation and mental mood changes can become very pronounced the second and third night of a long race and knowing each others strength's and weaknesses is very helpful.

That said you might try posting on facebook or teammate finder in the forum as there are some teams racing with the main motivation of crossing the state on their own power.

Q: I haven’t been able to find any detailed description of what is required in the 1st aid kit. At our discretion?

A: Per USARA sanctioning: Teams may use the Adventure Medical Kit Ultralight .7 or build their own kit as long as the kit contains the following listed required contents:

(8) 2x2 or 3x3 sterile dressing, (2) 3x4 non adherent sterile dressing, (1) conforming gauze bandage, (4) 1x3 adhesive bandage, (3) knuckle adhesive bandage, (1) tape ½"x 10 yards, (1) swift wrap elastic bandage, (8) 200mg. Ibuprofen, (2) antihistamine (Diphenhydramine), (2) afterbite sting relief, (1) moleskin, (5) towelettes, (3) antibiotic ointment, (1) tincture of benzoin, (3) butterfly closure bandage, (2) pair nitrile gloves, (1) tweezer, (3) safety pins, (1) duct tape, (2) alosak.

Q: It states to put the paddles, life jacket and bike shoes in a duffle. Some paddles are rather long; are we allowed to secure them to the outside of the duffle?

A: Yes if they don't fit in duffle that works fine as long as they are secured when turned over to volunteers.

Q: Will there be water provided at the TA, or are we to bring our own?

A: We plan to have water coolers at most TA's where teams would be in need of water. Course overview will provide details regarding.

Q: Are we still under the assumption to have about 8 hour interval between seeing out gear/box?

A: Yes give or take, good assumption. There are many TA's and with access to team gear as teams cross the State.
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January 11, 2013

My family is staying at the hotel by the finish and would like to know what kind of tracking you'll be providing so they can catch me at the finish. Other than taking my I-Phone (we have the "locate my I-Phone" feature) will you have live updates at TAs?

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January 24, 2013
We will be sealing phones where they cannot be accessed except for emergencies. Same with any other gps device that is capable of showing current location. Regarding live updates we expected to have some form of daily race recap each evening of the event. Regarding getting updates out pertaining to teams arriving at finish would expect that to occur via fb, this forum or other means. We are determining now how best to cover the event and you can expect more info regarding 1st part of Feb.
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February 7, 2013
Greg, just want to confirm if you'll provide center seats for 3-person teams: "Teams will not be assigned a particular boat so center seat, if not using ones we provide"

If not, what's the canoe width so we can get an appropriate seat?

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February 7, 2013
We have more 3 person teams than seats so cannot provide. Center seats should fit a beam that 36" across.
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February 8, 2013
I hate to be this guy, but can you give us a link, a brand or a place to find a canoe seat that fits a 36" beam? I'm happy to buy it for the race, but can't seem to find it on the net.



Follow up: I found a seat at the following address in case it helps anyone else:
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February 9, 2013
Canoes are 16' Mowhawk canoes with a width of 36". Yes Matt that looks like a fine center seat, here is another type and I know many are bringing sling type center seats.

Please remember when transitioning from canoe to next disipline to remove and place in paddle gear bag.