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February 13, 2012
Im entering my first race ( sport race )in march just wondering what typ of bike pedals are you guys using? Clipins with special bike shoes? Or just normal platform type plat form pedals? I have used both but never done a Pangea race before. Obviously I love the clip ins for normal mountain bike ridding?
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February 21, 2012
For a 3hr the usual consensus is platforms to limit transition time. That said and liking clip in's myself would suggest staying with the clip in's and having tools ready to change and make derision following review of map and routes. All events vary some have limited on and off bike others have much. See ya in March.
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February 23, 2012
I've used spd's and "clipless" pedals in all the sport races I did when I first started doing Pangea events. The increase in transition time is small and, in my opinion, more than offset by the performance gains from the rigid soled mtb shoes. My mtb shoes are NOT comfortable to run in and, even so, I've never had a spot in a sport race where I've had to be on foot so much on a bike leg that they bothered me. In the sport races particularly, the CP's are usually very accessible from the bikeable trails.