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February 17, 2012
Day 1 Updates:

-------------Thursday 16:00 Update---Waccasassa------------

The Sea 2 Sea started on time at 11 Thursday morning but hit a snag when CP 1 was misplaced. Embarrassing I know. Luckily the racers were in high spirits and some were even laughing because they knew it was a matter of time before our track record was tarnished. Some of them even saw manatees! Awww.
Official race start is still 11 AM but the racers were corralled back for restart toward one more boat (manned) CP. All teams will get credit for the first two CPs but the time will reflect an 11 AM start. All teams are done with the first boat section and on their bikes now heading to the Tidewater TA by way of Goethe State Forest. So are we as I write this from a moving vehicle.

---------------Thursday 20:00 Update---Tidewater-----------

Endeavor Racing, Florida Xtreme, & Odyssey Adventure Racing - (in that order) were the first teams to bike through Goethe State Forest and took off on the Tidewater Trek. Layer 3, RottenCheesburgers, & Team Super Frogs were the next three in about 20 minutes behind. S & S weren't far off but are dealing with injuries.

--------------Friday 00:00 Update---Tidewater-----------------

Finishing out the Tidewater TA, Florida Xtreme beats Odyssey in by 10 minutes and transitions out 20 minutes before them. S & S makes good time but skipped some CPs. Mike of that team is having trouble trekking but is doing a hell of a job for someone without any cartilage in his knees. Endeavor clears it but has fallen a little over and hour off the pace. Team Super Frogs comes in next but transitions for about an hour. Layer 3 is right behind followed by and they transition quickly out minutes apart. Florida Xtreme 2 and e-Lama march in together followed by We Blame Javan who haven't missed a CP yet. All the teams are moving great and in high spirits. It's off on bike to the Santos TA at Greenway bicycles.

-----------------Friday 02:00 Update---Greenway Bicycles------------

Odyssey jumps ahead and gets the Greenway Bicycles first around 1:30. Florida Xtreme comes in an hour behind. A flat tire and brief navigational error set them back. Odyssey comes back from the bike orienteering section 10 minutes after FLX leaves. At 3:00 am, Odyssey heads out of Greenway.

Endeavor gets to Greenway around 3:30 looking good with all the CPs. They transition back out on the bike still pushing hard. FLX came in strong from the second bike and headed out on foot a little more than an hour off the pace. A good ways in, the battle amongst the top two is shaping up.

Super Frogs came in next making up serious ground after a long rest. We'll see how their long TAs pay off when other teams start to tire. S & S followed behind and are also ready for a rest. Layer 3 got here 25 minutes behind the Frogs but are back out in under 10 for the next bike.

5:00 - The rain has started to fall a bit. Luckily MacGyver built us a tent out a tarp and other odd things:

We Blame Javan got here at 5:15 after a hard bike ready to rest. Endeavor got back from the second bike five minutes later looking to move out fast. And they are out 26 minutes later as RMR 4X4 arrives ready for a short rest.

So as it stands now, The top three teams have left Greenway on foot, Layer 3 is on their second bike leg, everyone else is resting or still trying to get here.
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