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March 31, 2011
Hi All!

I am brand new to the sport, though I've been wanting to do something like this for about a year now. I love the outdoors, hiking and cycling, so I figured this would be a lot of fun. I enlisted a friend of mine a few weeks ago to form up a team and start training....

Now neither of us have trained for anything like this before so where do we start? I googled a adventure racing and found a 12 week template which we've been following, that's about it. Does anyone have any advice for us?

I also started a blog, kind of a journal so I can track my progress. If anyone could check it out and give me some feedback that'd be great!

Also, we're training for the Seminole County AR in June. Thanks!

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April 1, 2011
Hi Dan,

Congrats on taking the plunge into AR. I did my first one back in October and got hooked...I haven't missed one since. They are a ton of fun and Greg ( at Pangea do a very professional job putting the events together.

Training ideas:
1) Don't let race day be the first time you and your teammate get in a canoe. I am guessing by your blog posts that you live in the greater Orlando area, so Wekiwa Springs State Park is accessible to you ( ). They offer a two hour canoe rental for about $15.

2) I like to run in my camelpak as much as possible, so that I am not "aware" of it during the race. Plus, if anythings going to chafe or need adjustment you don't want to discover that on race day.

3) Again judging by your posts, I'd say you should focus on building endurance at this point in your training (as opposed to going fast). You need to be able to "move briskly" for 3 hours by race day. If your experience is anything like mine, you'll spend a lot of time during the first race looking at the map, figuring out what to do next. So the race itself will be a series of 5 minute efforts, punctuated by a minute or so standing around figuring things out.

4) I am big fan of periodized training. I would check out the Joe Friel's training books (The Cyclist's Training Bible, for example) if you're looking for ideas about how to structure your training plan. Personally, I find running to take more of a toll on my legs than biking does, so I sometimes work in easy cycling days between running days if my legs are tired. Though my biggest challenge is simply getting in my workouts around my other commitments.

Good Luck, I'll be reading your posts...

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April 1, 2011
Thanks Bill I really appreciate your input!
December 16, 2011
Best a TOPO map of a nearby park or print a map out from their website. Pick out several points on the map to be your "checkpoints." Things like road intersections, buildings, bridges are great. Then decide where you will be riding a bike, trekking, and if possible paddling (works best at a park where they rent canoes) between your ponits. Next, invite some friends to join you and go hit it!
This type of informal adventure race is called a Diet. There are no awards, no checkpoints to punch, just friends and sometimes other teams doing the same course to get practice. Sometimes there is cold beer afterwards...
In addition to getting into shape, you'll realize what gear changes to make, how to eat and drink on the move, and get navigation practice.
Please be safe. Make sure a friend knows where you are, when you start and when you expect to finish. Carry a cell phone and whistle.

Hope this helps!

Team Florida Xtreme