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April 12, 2011
Nocatee marked our 1 year anniversary with Pangea, so I don't consider myself a newbie. After 11 years in an boiler room, I didn't consider myself a newbie to the heat either. However, this first hot race of the year took me back to the basics and has me reevaluating how we fuel.

Our staples have been a Gatorade prime, energy bars, water and Gatorade during transitions with Endurolyte supplements. However, after the bike leg, crawling out of the canoe at CP2 caused my legs to cramp up through the groin. Had we not had extra Endurolytes, my race would have been over upon return to the Boat T/A.

I know this event was different because we haven't had heat in which to train. The temps in the woods were reportedly around the 102 mark. Quite different from the 85 degrees of last weekend's bike/paddle.

Does anyone use Hammer Perpetuem Solids? I know I will not eat according to schedule on the bike or the canoe leg. I don't want to carry electrolyte fluid because I already carry 3 liters of water and I won't put anything into my bladder that I will have to clean out later. These seem the best choice, but I've heard they are chalky at best, epoxy at worst. (Might make my team happy if I'd keep my mouth shut. :rolleyes: ) Any advice on how you fuel would be appreciated.


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April 27, 2011
Perpetuem is not really going to help you out. It is intended simply to be an way to fuel your body for long lasting events, not replace electrolytes. (Which is 99% likely the cause of your cramping)

The solid version of Perp was created simply as a convenient way to take it during events where carrying mix was not practical (i.e. Ironmen competitions).

What you should consider is using hammerbars (or other equivalent), electrolyte (like Fizz, Nuun, etc. . .) tabs in your water and supplementing with Endurolyte. Nutritionally I think that is about all you can reasonably do. Nothing will substitute for training in the heat, however. B)

Go to Hammer's website (or call them). There is an amazing amount of information available there that goes well beyond a simple sales pitch.
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December 16, 2011
As you mentioned, if you sweat hard in the heat you are losing electrolytes fast. I've had this problem for many years too, getting calf/quad/foot cramps that only go away with water and electrolytes. It can turn a fun race into a terrible experience, and really slow you team down.
I turned to a friend, Marshall Ulrich to find a solution. He's climbed all 7 highest summits on the world's continents, participated in the toughest adventure races in the world (Raid Gauloises, Google it for a good read), run across America, and finished the Badwater Ultramarathon across Death Valley 17 times.
His advice? Everything you eat and drink needs to contain 1) calories and 2) electrolytes.
Yes, cleaning out your camelback reservoir is a hassle after a race. But filling it up with sugar/electrolyte powder mixed with your water will require you to eat less and likely avoid cramping all together. That makes you faster, and perhaps even a winner.
Hope that helps.

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