About Pangea Adventure Racing

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Adventure Racing is one of the world’s fastest growing outdoor sports and is growing rapidly in the United States with Check Point Tracker playing a key role uniting the sport nationally. Perhaps it’s the exhilarating combination of trekking, paddling, biking and tackling surprise challenges in the great outdoors. Or maybe it’s because teams must work together to navigate totally unique, unmarked courses in races that are about brains as much as brawn. It also attracts people of all ages and fitness levels, from families, weekend warriors and casual gym-goers, to competive fine-tuned athletes. Whatever the reasons, we do know this: Adventure Racing is highly addictive!
Pangea Adventure Racing is the #1 producer of this multi-discipline sport in Florida producing more adventure races than any other promoter in the United States. We’re not just about racing, we’re about adventure—like navigating historic coastal waterways to cycling through the mud to ziplining across the treetops in the moonlight.  We offer an easy crossover for mountain bikers, cyclists, runners, triathletes, water sport enthusiasts and even gym-goers looking for a little outdoor adventure.
New to Adventure Racing?
You’ll be relieved to know that we offer two different divisions at each event, the Sport and the Elite. The Sport division is designed for those new to Adventure Racing or just love to get outdoors for the occasional adventure. The Elite division is a longer race and requires a bit more strategy, skill and physical endurance. Many who learn the ropes in the Sport division quickly move up to the Elite division for more of a challenge! Our Sport division can be as short as 3 hours while our Elite division races can run as long as 72 hours. Visit our AR 101 section for more info.